DJ Vilks (aka Andrejs Vilks) (Latvia)

I have been fascinated by the music and poetry of tango for over five years, and I can't stop learning about it. Tango music varies a lot and has all kinds of moods. To me, the highest goal of a DJ is not to overdose the dancers with one kind of emotion, keeping the dancefloor on its edge, but offer a variety of the sentiment. I like comparing the styles of DJ-ing, especially between Argentinean and European DJs, where traditions meet research.  

On the milonga I prefer to put “Época de Oro” melodies, presenting them in the most traditional way - "tango-tango-vals-tango-tango-milonga". Di Sarli, Laurenz, D'Arienzo, Tanturi, Pugliese are always a part of my list.

Also I enjoy "tango para escuchar" (tango for listening, non-danceable pieces), as well as modern orchestras. The mood, time of a day, place and people around me effect my choice of music.


DJing with vinils is my passion. Thus, I love digging the flea-markets of Buenos Aires searching for the old tango vinils. My current collection contains over 80 thoroughly selected discs and it will grow further. Qué vachaché!


I run also an internet radio channel – Radio Buena Junta: ( ) with non-stop live tango music.


The Host DJ of the Marathon, our beloved DJ Vilks will welcome the first-arriving Marathon dancers at Fire-Up Milonga on Thursday, July 30, playing the opening tunes of the second „Amber & Winds Tango Marathon”. And, top secret... someone might be having a birthday also that day :)



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