Welcome to Latvia: your Tango destination!

* Early beginnings of Argentine tango in Latvia date back to 2000, when the first enthusiasts started to learn Tango, bringing it back to Latvia from abroad. First Tango schools emerged in Latvia around 2004.


* Among the first broader Tango events in Latvia was 2007 Tango Summer Camp in a sea town Salacgrīva. The 1st International "Tango Sun Festival" was organized in the 2008 in Jūrmala and was already well attended by dancers from Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Russia, and many other countries in Europe and even other continents, even! from Argentina.


* Today in 2016, Latvia Tango life is rich in wide variety of great tango events. International festivals "Tango Sun Festival", "Riga Tango Fiesta", "Riga Milonga Weekend' are held along with several Tango marathons as well as regular maestros’ seminars and workshops. Latvian Tango life is naturally linked to its’ Baltic neighbours - besides many other regular Tango events hosting international festivals in Lithuania and in Estonia. Thus Baltic Tango Community is open to welcome tangueros from around the world, offering a full menu of Tango life here.


* There are several Tango schools in Riga, the capital of Latvia, with regular classes and practicas to help Latvian Tango Community grow. At least one milonga or practica in Riga is held every night, some days even several, offering local and visiting tangueros a great choice of places to dance.


* There is one more very special place on Latvian Tango map - a port city Liepaja, having next largest and most established Tango Community outside the capital. The first Latvian Tango DJ – great Ivars Ābelis lived and worked there, being among the first Tango ambassadors in Latvia.


* Thus - Latvia and Liepāja IS a great Tango destination. TanGO to Latvia!


* For more information about Latvia, please, visit http://www.latvia.travel/en

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