DJ Mik Avramenko (Ukraine)

“I made my first steps to becoming a tango DJ years ago. Seems that everything had been preparing me for this path: I got a music education, DJ experience at the school radio and finally graduated in the field of acoustics. My tango life began in 2007, first as a dancer, and a year later as a tango DJ.”


Now Mik is a DJ at regular milongas, festivals and marathons in his home city of Kyiv, as well as in other cities of Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, Germany, Poland, Finland, Latvia and Lithuania. Mik’s target as a tango DJ is to sense and raise the mood of each and every dancer in the hall, and all the variety of the Golden Age music is his instrument to do so. His capability to choose and combine music harmoniously helps him to create a special atmosphere and make people dance until the final chord of La Cumparsita.


Mik will help us to sum up our Marathon feelings at Farewell Milonga on Sunday, August 3. To be continued…

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